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Welcome to The Insanity WikiEdit

Greetings, Insanity Fans and welcome to the Insanity wiki.

The most terrifying survival horror game of all time made by one man, his name is EVILKRIS.

This wiki will explain about the characters, the vivisects who appeared both The Insanity and it's prequel The Insanity II.

For those who love survival horror, psychological horror, horror games, etc, you are most likely to visit this wiki.


1. Don't send any negative feedback/ comments or otherwise you will leave this wiki forever.

2. If you want to edit or upload pictures to the wiki, then go ahead.

3. Stop Bitching and Complaining about the Insanity III to be released immediately, please be patient because it takes time for EVILKRIS to make those internet games just leave him be.

4. If You posted stupid and retarded shit on each page, you should leave this wiki forever as well.

5. If you're a troll, attention whore or a bitchy and whiny person who wanted the Insanity III to be released, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS WIKI AND NEVER RETURN.

6. If you disobey the important rules, you will leave this wiki forever.

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