The Insanity 2 intro

The Insanity 2 intro



Peter Langdon

Dr. Edgar Friendly

Tracy Takaki

Lester Raffery



Nathan Langdon(Mentioned)







Project K

Cthulhu(Lester Raffery)

The Insanity 2 is a prequel of the first game that was released in 2010 just before Peter dies and Edgar Friendly gets a pig face and Peter Langdon said " I'm Peter Langdon,a journalist for a nationally recognised newspaper.A while back I received a letter tipping me off to this place.I'd been investigating the Edgar Friendly videos.The whole thing seemed like a hoax to me,but I thught there might be something in it. I sent my regular team,Lars,John-same guys that go with me everywhere- ahead to investigate.

2 days ago,I've lost all contact with them.

Alone,I've made my way to this old building.I found a window and broke in,hoping to find both what happened to my team,and a great story.If only I'd known what I was getting into."

Peter Langdon

Peter Langdon,the Journalist(so far the victim here...mwhahahaha)

As said,he manages to break in,but clearly he could of break his neck on the remaining glass.But alas,it's too hard for him to climb back up.Lazyass!!!
Starting point

The starting point(Look for newspapers before u continue on...)

Anywho,this is the starting point.

There's a newspaper clipping,you should read it if u're a first time player.But it only matters if u're like reading.

go through the door,get the candle and head upstairs.



There's a room there...with a barricated window and a tomb...but who's tomb is it???it's YOURS!!!!MWAAAHAHAHAHAHA...



Just's not's a fake one...with a written Peter Langdon in it...


fake Pete

and yes,as everyone knows that when someone dies,they go to the cemetery and bury the lost one,NOT IN THE HOUSE!!!and if u ask,it's a fake Peter Langdon...made of,Peter finds a little document next to the carcass.

It reads:

"Welcome curtious little cat,

ISN'T IT A SAD, SAD IRONY THAT THE VERY TRAIT THAT HAS PROPELLED YOU THUS FAR INTO REALMS OF SUCCESS MAY ALSO BE that wchich spells YOUR DEMISE. Let us see if you truly have nine lives.You might recognise the grubby, aged property of this vellum print. Is it not similar to the one you received, that lead you here? One wonders - What reward could be so profound; that snuck you in here in the dark, alone, unarmed, oblivious to danger.

THE - EYE HAS BEEN TURNED ON YOU, DEAR MR. LANGDON. Meddling and inquisite that you are, I'll wager you do also enjoy a good sport. Your exits have been blocked, your team members may or may not still be breathing. Let us see HOW YOU FARE - perhaps you will ESCAPE ALIVE AND same YOU CERTAINLY will HAVE A STORY TO TELL. Was it all real? Or fake?

Soon you will know."

There's a key attached with the Scotch tape...take it and the intro starts..

(the insanity music...the insanity twoooooo...)

hahahaha...funny huh?yeah

anywho, go back and use the key on the door.