The first game was submitted on 1st of October 2009.The game itself is a hybrid horror,point n' click game.Mostly based on some horror games,like Exmortis,Dead Space,Silent Hill,etc.

It is made to keep the players on his toes.And to find the mysteries within the game.

Warning:No suitable for the weak hearted and ages under 17+ or under.

The Game:

In the first game,you are bandaged up,like a mummy.Stuck within a cage,you don't know who you are,or what is going on,but you must escape.The goal of this game is simple.Escape from the horrific house and don't die on the way to freedom.Also,you will think that you are Peter Langdon which you aren't.Going deeper into the game,you simply realize who "exactly you are" beneath the scars.

The second one is much better than the first one.You play as peter Langdon,the journalist who's gonna kick butt!!!But alas,he dies.xD

Anyways,I hope u will enjoy both of the games,until the third one.