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Peter Langdon
Peter Langdon
Peter Langdon appears in The Insanity II


Early 40's


John,Lars,Nathan Langdon and everyone that interviews him in the news


Tracy Takaki, Edgar Friendly, Project K, Vivisects,




Brutally Killed by Project K




6'0: 183 cm

Peter Langdon is a journalist and main protagonist of the prequel to The Insanity, The Insanity II and a minor character only mentioned in the first game. He was searching for his friends, John and Lars but Peter found them dead (John was brutally vivisected by Dr Friendly and Lars was mutilated by some vivisects) Peter Langdon murdered Friendly's experiments and nearly killed Tracy with a jug of acid. He escaped from the asylum and he was the sole survivour of the incident. Six months later. Project K decapitated him and Edgar Friendly kept him alive with various machines.

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