If u're a fan of The Insanity series, then u need to have a very own vivisect.

so come on,show us your evil creatures..

Bear Wolf

Bear Wolf

bear Wolf (my version)

Well,as u can see,he's a part Kodak bear,part Grey wolf.and part cheetah And he's Friendly's successful experiment. It has stiches around it's body, so the victim can survive from vivisection. The BearWolf was around 8 feet tall.  Friendly decided to make it's spine even longer So can't be killed by guns and it can be killed by dynamite. The Bearwolf can attack it's prey by shamble it's limbs to pieces or impale victims with it's claws and bite and devour victims with it's mouth. Bearwolf can run extremly fast than anyone else so it can kill it's victims, easily It's has it's Bear, Wolf and Cheetah genes so it can survive. Edgar Friendly structured it's bone so it can walk upright. Some people from Weasel Marsh think it was the beast from nowhere. The Bearwolf can kill mutiple victims while running very fast. Edgar Friendly luckly skinned it the victim, the victim nearly died. Edgar Friendly uses half of Kodak bear tissue, half of Grey Wolf tissue and sitched it up before he can put the spine even longer and finally Friendly sitiches the cheetah tail together can inject bear genes, wolf genes and cheetah genes to compelte the process. Edgar Friendly and Project K uses it as their special pet. It was the second vivisect to be created by Friendly.

Bearwolf Sketches

Bearwolf(Left) Bearwolf (right) Bearwolf(Original Copy) Bearwolf prepares to attack. Bearwolf runs. Bearwolf's face closeup


Evilkris's early draft for BearWolf.