Dr. Edgar Friendly


dr. Edgar Friendly as he appears in The Insanity 2

An Ex-chief neurosurgeon in St. Lucius Hospital.About 5 years ago,he lost his twin brother in a car crash accident,thus making him lose it.He lost all his abilities to work in the OR,and was forced to resign from his work.Then afterwards,he started creating vicious creatures, a.k.a "vivisects"-God like creatures that are created by the hand of the Creator itself. His height is 5'11: 180 cm

Tracy Takaki

Tracy Takaki before....

Tracy Takaki

Well,for starters,Tracy is just a frail-minded girl that her love for Edgar runs soooo deep(Even though that there is a 8,9 or 10 year difference between...mwahahaha, :P)She appears in both games.In first,she appears as a mutilated woman,(which is actually Kris' wife.The pic was done on Photoshop) based as the legendary "Kuchisake Onna" (U know,u watched Carved: The Slit Mouthed Woman?Man,that's one scary movie.) Her height is 5'9: 175 cm

Peter Langdon

Peter Langdon

Peter Langdon,the Journalist(so far the victim here...mwhahahaha)

Peter Langdon is a what-u-call an curious journalist,that is interested in adventure and stuff.But after he was fooled by Edgar and Tracy,to believe that he is the one who lost it,but he figures out afterwards.6 months later,he is killed by Project K,and afterwards,he is now one of them. His height is 6'0: 183 cm

Nathan Langdon


Nathan Landgon IS the main character of the series. Nathan is Peter's brother,an ex-policeman.He's not Mister Goody-two-shoes,but he is...MAAAAAAD,Sry. His height is possibly 6'1: 185 cm



Alexander (Rat Face) as he appears in The Insanity

He is a mechanical engineer,but knows how to play the piano.In the second game,he appears normal,but with a leech on his back.ewwwwww...So,he actually didn't manage to escape in the end,thus turning into one of them.In the first game,he appears as a Rodent Face,with the same goal,to escape the house of Hell,but in the end,he got killed by Project K. after an unsuccessful attempt. His height is 5'10: 178 cm

Lester Rafferty

Lester the Cthulhu

Lester Rafferty (Originally known as Lester Cambridge in the demo version of the second game),got turned into a vivisect before meeting with Peter.He managed to escape,but he scales through walls,and sadly,he can't go to the surface world,due to his appearance.His appearance is based on the H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.Trust me,he complains a lot,but also helps you out on how to get rid of the Shimmer...jk. His original height is 5'11/6'0: 182 cm